My Horrible Awful Day

Today has been a horrible awful day.
Nothing at all went right
From morning until night.

When I awoke there was dampening news.
Rivers had overflowed
Until there was no road.

I floated to school on a big yellow raft.
I steered with a stick
And nearly got seasick.

When I got to school my homework was soaked.
The teachers just sighed.
Oh, where could I hide?

I hung the pages out to dry then off to gym
Outside we played ball,
Until I took a big fall.

I scraped my knee and it was bleeding a lot.
I tried not to cry,
I wanted to die.

The nurse fixed me up and soon it was lunch.
A sandwich and some OJ
My tray began to sway.

Wouldn’t you know I’d spill it all on Fred?
He was not happy,
I felt really crappy.

The bell finally rang and I headed home.
The bus was running late.
Well, wasn’t that great.

There was just one seat left way in the back
I sat beside Jack Pulley
The sixth grade class bully

He laughed at me then said, “Look! Fresh meat!”
He mashed gum in my hair,
Then called me a big square.

Oh please, I begged silently, let this day end!
The bus came to a halt
And ended the assault.

I headed for my room and closed the door.
I would be safe there
With my teddy bear.

Time for dinner, mom soon called up the stairs
Spinach and fried squid?
Oh heaven forbid!

Then, just before it was time to go to sleep,
My cat found a mouse
In our little house.

She chased that mouse up to my messy room
Over toys and clothes,
And over my toes!

Onto my new air bed the two of them raced.
There was a loud pop,
And it started to flop.

The cat got scared and the mouse escaped.
Now I have no bed
And mouse isn’t dead.

Mom said I could sleep in the guest room tonight
The mattress is lumpy,
Man, am I grumpy!

Today has been a horrible awful day.
I’m glad it’s done.
Good night everyone!