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My Flashy Words

Customer Comments

I read your book of flash stories and was entertained. Money well spent.

-- Adam Burchett (9/5/11)



Reading All Year Long -- "...I have a group of writer friends who have their own blogs. Nancy Cavanaugh's blog is filled with little tidbits of horror, science fiction and a lot of humor. She truly is a master of the short short story and flash fiction. Most of her posts are stories but occassionally she slips in some information about where you can find her work outside of her blog."


Mark K. Rider, Five Stars on Amazon -- " There is something to be said about being succinct - using no more words than necessary to convey an idea. Nancy manages to take this idea to an extreme in the first part of the book, with stories of 140 characters that convey so much more than you expect to find in something so short. And that is just the beginning. ..."




My Books


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Sixteen year old Amrita Yavad leads a double life: high school student by day, wife by night; trapped in two different worlds, the American and traditional Indian lifestyles are about to collide.

You can find out more about the story as well as read the first chapter and early reviews about this novel for Young Adults at the official web site.



A collection of micro and flash fiction featuring aliens, monsters, zombies, vampires, ghosts, god, romance, mystery, death, rebirth, and much more. Each story is super short and are perfect for reading in line at the grocery store, waiting at the doctor's office or between meetings. Only 99¢!


Buy at Amazon or SmashWords.


The Year the North Pole Melted

Something or someone is melting the North Pole just weeks before Santa's big trip around the world. Can Santa and his elves find out what it causing the meltdown before it's too late?


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A Mystic Romance

When Jenna Watson discovers that her fiancee Mike Jamison is still cheating on her, she leaves him - taking a prize possession and some cash. After a detour in Seattle, Jenna finds herself trying to come to terms with the end of her relationship. On the advice of a bookseller, she explores the notion of moving to Mystic, Connecticut and ends up moving to there for a brand new start. On her first visit to Mystic, a waitress wishes Jenna good luck in finding a Mystic romance. She's not quite ready then but after she moves to the seaport town, things are much different. For more information, visit:


Available only for the Kindle!



My Flashy Words

Check out Nancy A. Cavanaugh's self-published eBook, My Flashy Words. The eBook features more than 80 micro and flash fiction stories that she wrote over the last five years featuring speculative fiction. The speculative stories feature zombies, aliens, ghosts, angels, demons and other monsters doing all sorts of destructive things as well as stories about love, death, birth, suicide and rebirth.

Available only for the Kindle.


Sample Stories:

Prize Winning Destruction
From My Flashy Words


“What’s your project?” the Universal Science Fair judge asked.

“I populated a planet called Earth with diverse foliage and animal life. One animal species evolved to have advanced intellect,” Snarflug answered.

“Very impressive.”

That afternoon Snarflug was awarded the first prize. He collected his trophy then headed to Dawbur’s house.

“Ready?” Snarflug asked. His best friend grinned evilly then nodded.

Snarflug pressed a red button and they watched with glee as all life on Earth was destroyed with volcano eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes, and floods.

They dumped the experiment in the trash then went inside to play video games.


Squirrelly Ending
From My Flashy Words


Screeching filled the newsroom as the squirrel frantically tried to escape from the trap. She tried everything she could think of to escape as the staff watched with pity. They were happy to get back to work after the pest controller showed up and removed the menace that had been tormenting them for weeks.

A week later, a horrific stench filled the air system and quickly dispersed throughout the office when the heat was turned up. Editors and reporters ran for the bathrooms to empty the contents of their stomachs before heading out into the cold for fresh air. The secretary called the pest controller before making her own mad dash for the ladies room.

The pest controller rushed over. He eventually traced the smell to the server room. Tucked behind a rack of computers was a nest with two half-eaten baby squirrels and a bloated one draped over its siblings. The pest controller blanched as he quickly cleared away the nest and remains.

The staff was sent home and the office was closed so the building could be aired out and squirrel-proofed. For the first time in the 200-year history of the company, no newspaper was published that day.



Magic Wings: A Butterfly Odyssey

This eBook features the photography of Nancy A. Cavanaugh taken at Magic Wings, a butterfly conservatory in Deerfield, Massachusetts. 48 full-color pictures of the butterflies and other animals living at Magic Wings. Perfect for all ages.


Available only for the Kindle.



Welcome to Historic Mystic

This eBook features the photography of Nancy A. Cavanaugh taken in and around Mystic, Connecticut. The 101 full-color pictures include the ship museum, Mystic Aquariam, Barn Island and much more. Perfect for all ages.


Available only for the Kindle.



Nature Alphabet

This alphabet eBook features the photography of Nancy A. Cavanaugh and includes pictures of animals, insects, fish and flowers taken over the last decade at zoos in Maine and Rhode Island, aquariums in Washington and Connecticut, marshes and parks in New Hampshire, and Nancy's backyard. Perfect for all ages.


Available only for the Kindle.



The Gift

A short story about Molly Simpson, a woman who is coping with the end of her marriage, caring for her ailing soon-to-be ex-husband and the end of his life. In the end, she realizes that she had been given a wonderful gift. Originally written for a college short story writing class. At just 99¢, it is a great deal.


Buy for the Nook or SmashWords.




Everything has a bit of everything in it, including two stories from yours truly—Statuesque, a murder mystery, and Phobic Consequences, a horror story. The other stories, from a variety of genres, are from Zoey Mendez, Arthur Blair and Nathan Weaver.

At just 99¢, this eBook is affordable for just about everyone. Available only for the Kindle (though you can download the free Kindle app for your smartphone or computer so just about everyone can access it).


Buy for the Kindle or SmashWords.



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