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I currently am working on a bunch of different writing projects for kids including picture books, non-fiction books, and books for Young Adults.


The Little Emu's New Family: This is a picture book about a little emu who wakes up one morning and discovers that his family is gone. He looks all over for his family, meeting many different animals native to Australia, and, eventually, finds another emu family. He is sad and missing his family when he remembers his father telling him and his siblings to find another emu family and they'll take care of him. The story has a bittersweet ending.


Formula One Alphabet Book: An alphabet book featuring things related to Formula One racing. The text is complete. Now I need to find photographs to put with them!


Sheldon Gets Teased: Sheldon is a young turtle with a disability who starts at a new school and is picked on by the other turtles. With advice from mom and his new friend, Sheldon finds a way to work through it and have a happy ending. This is a picture book.


The Best Day Ever: I have sent out one query letter about this picture book, which is about a boy's first time at a Formula One race and takes place in England. Henry is headed to his first British Grand Prix with his father. Henry is excited about seeing his favorite driver, Jasper Brunnell (based on Formula One driver Jenson Button) racing..After they arrive, Henry gets lost and a security guard helps him find his father, just in time to watch the start of the race. On the way home his father asks him if he had a good time, and Henry replies: "This was the best day ever." This is a picture book.


The Curious Emu: I love emus. I fell in love with these curious birds when I worked at a company that sold natural supplements, including emu oil. The boss was working on a book about the medicinal effects of emu oil, as his assistant I spent much time doing research about emus. I was so intrigued, I decided to write my own book for kids about these wonderful bird. Amazingly enough, there are very few books about emus. For kids ages 10 and under.

This is a picture I took of a young emu in spring of 2009 when my daughter and I visited York Wild Animal Kingdom. You can read more about them on my Squidoo page, click here, or on my The Curious Emu site, click here. Or you can buy the eBook for the Kindle, click here.


Aepyornis: The Elephant Bird: Though long extinct, the aepyornis has become one of my favorite creatures to write about. They were huge flightless birds related to emus and ostriches that lived on Madagascar. They became extinct in the early 1700s. Marco Polo, who had visited Madagascar in the 13th century, dubbed them the elephant bird because of their massive size.

I am still working on this manuscript but hope to have the rough draft done soon. The picture is an artist's rendition of what they think aepyornis may have looked like. There are no paintings or drawings of the bird, just fossils. You can find out a bit more about them on my Squidoo page, click here. For kids of all ages.




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