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I have created several eBooks featuring my nature photography. I love taking pictures and have taken thousands of them in the last few years. Here are just a few of the pictures I've taken. Click on the cover to view in your browser or right click on the file to save it to your computer. All these photos are copyrighted. If you would like to use any of these pictures in a project (school or print) or to purchase a print of any picture from the eBooks below, please contact me at These eBooks are in PDF format. To be able to view them, please download Adobe Reader here.


Turtles, turtles, turtles ... everywhere! Here are pictures of turtles I've taken all over New England. My favorites are the snapping turtles that live in the reservior in Robin Hood Park in Keene, NH.

Enjoy these pictures of flowers I have taken during the spring of 2010 from all around New England. The flowers have been joined by some buggy friends.

Goats and sheep and bunnies—oh my! You'll find lots of farm animals in this eBook. The pictures were taken at The Friendly Farm in Dublin, NH in May 2010. There are lots of babies and adult animals to pet and take pictures of. We visited on opening day, the first trip to the farm for my daughter and my second visit.

These stunning photographs of butterflies and moths were taken around my backyard in Keene, NH and at the butterfly exhibit at York Wild Kingdom in York, ME. You'll find a wide range of colorful butterflies and moths in this eBook. Most of the pictures were taken using the macro feature on my camera.

"For the Birds" is filled with photographs of a wide-range of birds from ducks and geese to cranes and fancy hens. These vibrant pictures were taken at zoos, aquariums, beaches, parks and yards across the United States including New Hampshire, Maine, Seattle, New York, Florida and New Jersey.

Something is definitely fishy in this eBook! The photographs for this eBook were taken at the aquariums in Seattle, Washington and Mystic, CT. The eBook features many brightly colored fish, a few beluga whales, and several mammals and birds you'd find in and around the water.

As the old adage says, take time to smell the roses. In this eBook you'll find roses and many more beautiful flowers mostly from around New Hampshire but a few from Connecticut, too. The pictures include an elusive lady slipper.

These bugs will fly, hop, slither and crawl into your heart as you get up close and personal with dragonflies, spiders, butterflies, moths, slugs, a variety of beetles and more. Did you know that slugs have face-like features or that some dragonflies look like they're smiling? What else will you discover?



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