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I love to create puzzles and activity sheets for kids. The activities on the site are free for you to print out and use in your classroom or newsletter. If you're interested in custom-designed puzzles or activity sheets contact me here.


Curriculum Helpers

• Five SensesColor or B&W

• LeavesColor or B&W

• MapsColor or B&W

• NewspaperColor or B&W

• OlympicsColor or B&W

• ReptilesColor or B&W


Family Fun Pages

• AutumnActivity

• CampActivity

• ChocolateActivity

• PresidentialActivity

• PumpkinActivity

• SportsActivity

• SpringActivity

• SummerActivity

• ThanksgivingActivity

• WinterActivity


Simple Word Searches

• A Fun Pets Word SearchPuzzle

• A Play Time Word SearchPuzzle

• Bath Time Word SearchPuzzle

• Fun Fishing Word SearchPuzzle

• Good Breakfast Word SearchPuzzle

• Good Night Word SearchPuzzle


Neil's Coloring Page
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