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Welcome to my page dedicated to stuff just for kids. I love creating fun stuff for kids—puzzles, crafts, books, short stories, and much more. The internet is wonderful because it allows me to share all my creativity with children from around the world.

Many years ago I created a web site called Kids Holiday Crafts with crafts kids from ages 3 to 7 years old can do for various holidays throughout the year, including various religious and non-religious holidays. Many of the crafts can be modified for older children, many encourage recycling and most are inexpensive to make.

For a few years I published an e-zine for kids ages 6 to 10 years old. The e-zine has lots of stories, puzzles, crafts, and activities. I stopped publishing the e-zine in December 2007 because of work commitments, but I wanted to make sure kids would still have access to each wonderful issue so I kept an archive.

I also have several eBooks available in a virtual library on my Kids Holiday Crafts web site, some are by me but most of them are either classics now in the public domain in the US or eBooks written by author friends.

You can also find several photo eBooks on this site that feature photos I've taken on various trips and around where I live.




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