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Here are some poems that I wrote when I was in high school and just after. I have never been much of a fan of poetry but I guess I thought I needed to give it a try when I was a teen. I know they're far from good but it is interesting to see my focus back then.


Nancy Allen


When stars get loosened

in their sockets,

They shoot off through the night

like rockets.

Hoping to find a piece

for my pockets.

Or to put in my mother’s

brand new locket.


My Wishing Star
Nancy Allen


There it is again

I make my wish upon it

I put my trust in it

I know my dreams will come true

Through my wishing star.


Baby’s Toes
Nancy Allen


Five little piggie wiggies

Standing in a row,

They always have to toddle

Wherever baby wants to go.


Upstairs and downstairs,

Indoors and out;

They’re always close together

And they never fall out.


Father Pig and Mother Pig

And Big Brother Pig

Sister Pig and darling little

Baby Piggie-Wig!


Oh, sometimes they’re all tied up

In a bag so tight.

This is when baby goes

To sleepy-bye at night.


Then there’s nothing to do

But cuddle down and rest

Just as little birdies cuddle

In their little nest.


Father Pig and Mother Pig

And Big Brother Pig

Sister Pig and darling little

Baby Piggie-Wig!


The Mourning Plant
Nancy A. Allen


The plant is all that remains,

Everything else has been taken away.

I look at it, remembering how well she took care of it,

Nurturing it from seed to its present glory.

But somehow it seems sad.

Leaves are drooping and the green looks paler than usual

As I am watching a tear begins to form at the root

Slowly flows down a branch and then hangs precariously from a leaf.

Motionless, the tear glistens in the sunlight,

Casting a rainbow on my shirt.

Then the tear begins to lose its strength

And falls out of sight.


(This poem was written about my mom who had died a year before I wrote this.)



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