The Schnoodle

Off to the mall we went
To visit Heaven Sent.
All the pups and cats,
Even a few big rats,
Waiting for a new face
To take them from this place.

Then I saw him, sat alone,
Just chewing on his bone,
A very cute little dog
Sat next to a toy frog.
My mom stopped to peek
And could barely speak.

She said, "A Schnoodle?
What's a Schnoodle?"
She laughed at the name
Then I did the same.
What a silly name it had,
I couldn't wait to tell dad.

I just needed to have one,
There was work to be done.
I turned up the sweetness
Then cranked up the cuteness.
"Please can we get him?"
I asked, going out on a limb.

"No, not a chance," she said
As she shook her head.
"He's quiet and cute.
Don't you think he's a beaut?"
Mom smiled down at me,
"Not today, honey bee."

I looked at him once more
Before we left the store.
"I'll get a Schnoodle one day,"
I whispered as I walked away.
And that's just what I did
When I was no longer a kid.