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I love writing stories and poems for kids. Not all the stories are good enough for publication, at least not yet, but I'm sharing them with you. Just click on the book to read the story. Enjoy!


First SnowA little poem about the first snow. Ages 10 and under.


Ladybug MaypoleA short poem about a Maypole dance. Ages 10 and under.


My Horrible Awful DayEver have a bad day? The boy in this poem has had a really awful day. Ages 10 and under.


The Search for PatchesPolly can't find her cat. Follow Polly and her mom as they search for Patches. Ages 6 and under.


The SchnoodleThe little girl wants a Schnoodle (a cross between a Schnauser and Poodle). Will her mom let her get one? Find out in this poem. Ages 10 and under.


The SurpriseGeorge shows up at his friend's house but doesn't know why. He's in for quite a surprise! Ages 6 and under.


The Thanksgiving Without a DinnerWhat happens when no one helps mom cook the Thanksgiving Dinner? Find out in this poem. Ages 10 and under.


The Thing on the BedJenny feels something strange on her bed. Will she be brave enough to look? Ages 6 and under.




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