The Thanksgiving Without a Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner was the worst
It came as quite a shock
When we gathered for dinner
And saw no turkey, yams or pies.

We looked at mom sat in a chair
Then at the empty table again.
“Where’s our turkey dinner?”
Mom gave us all a grim look.

“There is not a turkey dinner,
I will not be cooking today,”
Mom replied then with a sigh
She told them why.

“I asked Ben to peel yams,
Jan to make the stuffing,
And Ned to set the table.
No one did a single thing.”

Dad tried to sneak away
But wasn’t fast enough,
“And you watched football!”
Mom said, pointing at dad.

We looked at each other
Guiltily hanging our heads
Mom was right of course
We’d done all that she said.

It was far too late to cook.
Our tummies were rumbling
As we wonder what to do
Without further grumbling.

Dad stood there for a minute
Then called for a meeting
To talk about our mistake.
Time was fleeting

Ben grabbed the phone book
While Jan picked up the phone
And Ned watched for mom.
Our stomachs were groaning.

We called around found a place
That were open for dinner.
We rushed back to mom
We had found a winner.

“We’re sorry, we were wrong.
Get changed and ready to go.
We’re taking you to dinner
We will not let you say no.”

Mom gave us a big smile.
“Thank you,” was all she said.
Off to the diner we went.
What a strange dinner we had:

Ned picked fried eggs and bacon,
Dad got a burger and fries,
Jan and Ben ordered hot dogs,
Mom had turkey, yams and pie.