The Thing on the Bed

Jenny Watson woke up late one night and realized that some¨thing was on lying at the foot of her bed. It was just lying there, not making any noise. She closed her eyes, hoping it would go away. It didnít.

Nervously, she reached out with her right foot. She lightly touched it with the tip of her big toe. It didnít move.

Then Jenny nudged it gently with her whole foot. It still didnít move. She couldnít imagine what it could be!

Suddenly she remembered the flashlight sitting on her bedside table and picked it up. Jenny turned it on and aimed it at the foot of her bed. She started giggling when she saw what it was.

ďSilly cat!Ē she said.

Felix, her big yellow cat, was curled up in a ball, sleeping soundly. Felix woke up when Jenny ran her hand over his back and he started to purr loudly. A few minutes later Jenny laid down, then pulled the covers up and went back to sleep.